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You make me laugh when skies are grey

please don’t take my sunshine awaaaaaaaaay

(I feel like I missed a line in there but just roll with it)

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I thought regina and emma would actually date in ouat... And i was like yesss until someone say its might not be true.... i doubt it's true but i hope. Hmmm do you think it might happen???! :p the fan fic got me shipping them hard. Lol

I’m at that point with the show where they’ve missed so many opportunities, and written any kind of potential character development so poorly, that I’m not sure they’d portray a swanqueen relationship any better than we have in our art and fanfiction.

In all honesty, stick with the fanfic. It won’t let you down and there’s no PR team standing behind the authors to rein in the gay.

Not that I think the OUAT cast/creators/etc are homophobic but the 30 seconds of a heartbroken Mulan isn’t exactly giving us much LGBTQ+ representation when they have one of the biggest queer audiences.

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I love you

And I you, Joanne Jefferson

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Just dropping by to say that I loveee your blog so much! ☺️

Thank you! Have a cute gif of Lana for your efforts

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I love this blog! You are a genius

Thank yoooou!