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Rumple’s face like “yeah, I can see it” because if anyone can pull off pants with cartoon crime fighting turtles on them, it’s Regina Mills. Emma Swan is a visionary.

Amen sister

bae-in-maine asked
Just wanted to tell you that I'm laughing so hard, I'm snorting; and it set my dog off on a barking-freak out spree! Seriously, some of the absolute funniest stuff ever!

hahaha omg that’s hilarious!

Anonymous asked
PROMPT- Emma and Regina are in a relationship but have been fighting constantly for the last few days (or weeks), their most recent argument leads them to go on a break (or break up). Fluffy ending please

I don’t write fics but maybe one of my followers will take this prompt??

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Emma’s face! Like somebody told her that Santa didn’t exist and all holidays have been canceled forever and no one will ever experience a second of joy again. Ever. Especially not Emma.

Exactly! Like someone stole her puppy. Or should I say pussy?