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wickedevilregal asked
I literally joined Tumblr yesterday and randomly found your page. I spent hours (that I should have been studying) laughing so hard I was almost peeing! BEST. TUMBLR. EVER!



angstbotfic replied to your post “angstbotfic replied to your post “angstbotfic reblogged your photo and…”

in which i single-handedly destroy the environment with excessive fic-induced cold showers, again?

i can see how that could be a common occurrence, however it’s definitely the opposite of a problem. embrace it, global warming be damned.

angstbotfic replied to your post “angstbotfic reblogged your photo and added: reblogging myself because…”

i think this is my cue for an evil genius chuckle?

i wont deny you that considering i’m evil genius chuckling at how many of my followers have told me they’re going to read it.

angstbotfic reblogged your photo and added:

reblogging myself because TAGS # I MADE THAT…

i was overwhelmed. it was a whirlwind of emotion.

side note: yes i’m currently at work. yes i’m fighting with myself not to read it again.

side note to the side note: i will prevail. if i get through this work day it will be an achievement of heroic proportions.


Text From Last Night SQ - Updated

Inspired by the posts above.

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vfdn asked
Hi There! I'll be interviewing Christie Laing (Marian) for a website I write for. If you have any questions you would like me to ask her totally send them my way! Thanks :) - V

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